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In particular there are huge numbers of articles from the Edinburgh Review, the Quarterly Review, the Dublin Review, and Acts of Parliament, and the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society. The subject matter is just about as wide as you might imagine, and the material dates from the 18th century through to the mid 20th century, so there should be something for every taste. Try using any KEYWORDS to find them, and of course you can use author or title searches.


Meet Cosmo

Well, Hello folks, I've been asked to write something. They thought it would be fun if I gave you an insight into the life of the most important member of the Cosmo Books team, me. Well as you may realise I am a dog, or more correctly called Canis lupus familiaris. My mother is a Shitz Zu and my dad a Pug. Now I do not want anybody to make up rude connections of the name of my mixed breed. My best friend is Pepys, she is also a dog, a rather splendid pure bred Griffon Bruxellois. Somewhat highly strung and sometimes rather neurotic, and apart from the odd tantrum we get along just fine. She likes to think that she is the boss, but we all know who is the boss really. We both like the same things, travel, lots of exercise, the odd TV program and we like to think of ourselves as foodies, our palates are rather refined and of course, our favourite, cheese, an exceptional delight we enjoy. My owners (keeps them happy to be called that) can be a little annoying sometimes, I don’t think they understand our sophisticated palate, though they do keep us supplied with a variety of good quality treats and in return we make them feel happy and wanted (well, someone has to).  I hope you have enjoyed my contribution here, even though it is not what you are used to, but it at least gives you some understanding of how important you all are to my continued wellbeing and of course your greatly appreciated contributions which go towards my supply of good quality treats, (which I share with Pepys ) that keep me happy and content.

This is the real Boss at Cosmo Books.  She is a ten year old Pug Shi-Tzu who Robert and Mandy have to go to work to keep her in the style she wishes.  This chiefly consists of dog treats of various kinds, some walking about, and a suitable bed to spend the days and nights in. On occasions she will bark, wag her tail, and generally seem pleased to see us, our colleagues, and visitors.  Sometimes she is quite indifferent to such excitements.  A bit like bosses everywhere !  Anyway, Cosmo is always appreciative of your time and the business you give us by shopping with Cosmo Books - "Woof".



Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy yourself.
From Cosmo, Amanda, Robert, and Samantha here in historic Shropshire, UK.
Home of the famous Ironbridge (1779) and birthplace of Charles Darwin (1809)