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Archaeological Reconnaissances : North of the Brooks Range in Northeastern Alaska, Solecki Ralph S, Salwen Bert, Jacobson Jerome
1 Solecki Ralph S, Salwen Bert, Jacobson Jerome
Archaeological Reconnaissances : North of the Brooks Range in Northeastern Alaska
Calgary Department of Archaeology The University of Calgary
1973 Softcover Very Good Condition 
North of the Brooks Range in Northeastern Alaska. 105 pages, size 10 inches tall by 6.5 inches, in card covers. Illustrated with black and white photographs, drawings diagrams and tables. Appendices by William F Farrand and Isabella Drew. A NOTE FROM THE EDITORIAL BOARD In selecting Archaeological Reconnaissances North of the Brooks Range in Northeastern Alaska as its inaugural publication, the editorial board gave weight to several considerations. First, the board considered it to be an important contribution to the knowledge of the Arctic, a region of ever-widening interest to archaeologists both in the New World and the Old. Second, the board wished to demonstrate in concrete action its stated position that, while monographs dealing with Canadian subject matter may begiven preference, others will be accepted. The present report is based entirely on fieldwork conducted in Alaska. Third, the board wanted to establish clearly that the Occasional Papers will not favor contributions by students, staff members oraffiliates of the University of Calgary, although it is hoped that a proportion of the papers will be from our colleagues in the department. Fourth, the board sought to demonstrate that it will consider the publication of manuscripts that are not entirely devoted to archaeology. As in the present monograph, it is no innovation to include geological supplements. But the board is prepared to go farther, and will accept manuscripts that deal essentially with other fields of anthropology, history, environmental studies and so forth. The board must, however, limit itself to submissions that are clearly and literately written, neatly typed, and require only a modicum of editorial comment. All manuscripts must be completely prepared for printing. Authors should adhere to the style of the journal American Antiquity. Content is left entirely to the judgement of the author, and the editorial board will not tamper with ideas or beliefs expressed in any manuscript accepted for publication. In the present monograph, the editorial board saw an opportunity to affirm its policy, and is proud to launch its new series with Archaeological Reconnaissances North of the Brooks Range in North-eastern Alaska. It will, we hope, set the tone for the publications that will follow. C.E. Eyman, Secretary P.L. Shinnie R.G. Forbis Book - Very Good - slight marking to covers. Dust Jacket - None. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 500 grams. Category: Archaeology; Paperback F134-1089 0.29 
Price: 7.50 GBP
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Hierakonpolis Part I, Quibell J E [Plates of Discoveries in 1898 By] and W.M.F.P. [With Notes By]
2 Quibell J E [Plates of Discoveries in 1898 By] and W.M.F.P. [With Notes By]
Hierakonpolis Part I
UK Histories & Mysteries Of Man Ltd
1989 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Condition No Dust Jacket 
Quibell J E [Plates of Discoveries in 1898 By] and W.M.F.P. [With Notes By]. Part I [Egyptian Research Account, Fourth Memoir]. 12 pages, size 12.25 inches tall by 9 inches of text followed by 43 black and white plates : I. Limestone figure. Door-jamb of Khasekhemui. III. Great flint knives, and door-socket. IV. Revetment of temple basement. V. Limestone and ivory heads; Boats; VI. Ivory reliefs. VII.& VIII Ivory figures, male. IX. Female. X. & XI XII. Ivory figures and reliefs. XIII. Ivory wands. XIV. Carved tusk. XV. Ivory cylinders. XVI. Ivory reliefs and casket-legs. XVII. Decorated stone vases. Ivory wand. :XVIII. Small objects, stone and glaze. XIX. Scorpion vase, sceptre head, etc. XX. Scorpion fish-basket, animals, etc. XXI. & XXII Green glazed figures. XIV. Copper knife, glazed quartz, flint, etc. XXV. Flint knives, group of maces. XXV IA. Great mace I. Limestone seat. XXVIB. Great mace II. XXVIc. Great mace III. XXIX. Great slate palette of Nar-mer. I. Various stone vessels. III. Stone vases. IV. Alabaster vessels of Scorpion King. V. Early pottery. VI. & VII Syenite vase, jars of Kha-sekhem. VIII. Vase inscriptions of Kha-sekhem. IX. Limestone statue of Kha-sekhem. XL. Inscriptions of Kha-sekhem. XLI. Slate statue of Kha-sekhem. Golden head of hawk. XLII. Temple chamber and hawk's head. XLIII. Decorations of hawk. XLIV. & XLV Red pottery lion. Inscription of Pepy, XLVI. Later inscriptions. XLIX. Pottery from temple. Some of the plates, not having yet been completed, are omitted, and the numbering is therefore not consecutive. these plates will appear later with those of the second part. Present are : 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26a 26b 26c 29 21 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 49. Book - in Near Fine [better than Very Good] bright red boards with gilt lettering - light bumping to the extreme corners and extreme ends of the spine. Contents, clean, bright and tightly bound. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilogram. Category: Archaeology; Hardcover A136-1087 0.71 
Price: 17.50 GBP
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Some Mistakes Of The Higher Critics, Macy S B
3 Macy S B
Some Mistakes Of The Higher Critics
UK H R Allenson
1913 First Edition Hardcover Good Condition No Dust Jacket 
Undated but the British Library show it as 1913 and there is no reason to assume this is anything other than a first edition. 110 pages, size 7.25 inches tall by 5.25 inches. With seven illustrations and map. PREFACE : There is a widespread tendency nowadays to believe that the investigations of the higher critics have made it impossible for thinking people to look upon the Bible as historically true. The great learning of the critics has so impressed the public, that their word is, by many, taken as final, on insufficient grounds. In times past the higher critics made deep researches into the science of language, as far as it was then known; and into such ancient histories as were then attainable. And as the result of their investigations, they pronounced many of the records of the Bible to be but legends. This they did with great assurance; even though one of the languages they had to study, the Hebrew language, is still acknowledged by scholars to be very imperfectly understood, and the histories that they then had to study were very limited. The truth of the Bible was again and again discredited by them, and people who were unable to answer their arguments, believed they must be true. But the time came when the science of language had to stand aside, before the discoveries that revealed the story of the ancient world; discoveries that came to light in recent years, and are still coming to light to-day. Time after time the treasures unearthed in Egypt and Babylonia, have proved that the critics spoke too soon, too rashly; and of course in utter ignorance of the light that was so shortly to be cast upon the subject that they had so calmly pronounced their decisions upon. Again and again the revelations made by discoveries in the East, have shown that it was they who were wrong, and not the Bible. It is in order to bring the evidence of some of these discoveries before people who have not time to read more weighty works on the subject, that I have written this little book; hoping that it may help some to see that the Bible is not a book of legends, which is out of date, in these enlightened days ; but that it is a Book of Truth, the historical value of which, time is making more and more clear. And as the years go on, and more discoveries are made, without doubt its truth will be seen to shine out more and more clearly still. CONTENTS : Archaeology And The Old Testament - Archaeology And The Old Testament; The Books Of Moses; The Laws Of Moses; The Bible Story Not Derived From Babylonian Myths; The Order Of Creation; Cain's Marriage; The Flood; The First Cities; Shem, The Founder Of Elam; Pharaoh's Gifts To Abraham; The Battle Of Abraham Against The Kings; The Wine Of Egypt; The Hittites; Sargon's Palace; Belshazzar, The Unknown King; Criticism Based On A Word. New Testament - The Church, A Witness Of The Resurrection; The News Of The Resurrection Spread At Once; A Jew's Historical Record Of The Resurrection; Pliny's Letter To The Emperor Trajan; The Existence Of Sunday; The Letter Of Quadratus To The Emperor Hadrian; Miracles The Work Of The Creator; The Testimony Of A Higher Critic, And Of A Great Soldier; Books Consulted. Book - in Good Plus blue boards with gilt lettering - some marking to the boards and light bumping and rubbing to the extreme corners and extreme ends of the spine. Contents, light browning to the endpapers, otherwise clean and tightly bound. A Rare Title. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 500 grams. Category: Archaeology; Hardcover F298-1172 0.24 
Price: 15.95 GBP
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